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SubBase: Simplifying Your Supply Chain

SubBase was designed to simplify construction material procurement and fulfillment. We also created the platform to be easy to access and used by anyone.

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With SubBase, you can organize your procurement in five easy steps:



QUICKER THAN SENDING AN EMAIL: Enter your materials, then specify the make and quantity for your vendor. Choose from a list of addresses and select a delivery date. We have the ability to pre-load a custom material database so products can be found and entered quickly.

KEEP IT PERSONAL: Select from your list of vendors or add a new one. Write a message to your vendors and your RFQ is ready to send to all parties



VENDOR-FRIENDLY WITH NO SIGN UP REQUIRED: Vendors receive an email with a link to your RFQ in SubBase and can respond with the quote, lead times and a message. No sign-up is required.

CONTINUOUS COMMUNICATION: You can continue messaging your vendor through SubBase, just like sending an email in a chain. All messages are a searchable record for your entire team.



PLACE AN ORDER IN JUST ONE CLICK: Once you receive your quote, you can quickly place an order with just one click.

SKIP THE RFQ: If you know what you want, skip the RFQ process and place an order immediately.

MANAGE LEAD TIMES: SubBase allows your vendors to submit lead times and lets you know when you should place your order to receive it on time.

DUPLICATE YOUR ORDER: If you find yourself repeatedly ordering the same materials, simply duplicate the order to save time.



RECEIVE ORDER UPDATES: With SubBase, you can keep track of which phase your order is in. From requesting a quote to having the materials shipped, you always stay informed.

MANAGE YOUR PROJECT ON THE DASHBOARD: Your dashboard organizes your order into different phases, making it easier to manage.

VIEW YOUR DELIVERY SCHEDULE WITH OUR CALENDAR: The calendar view makes it simple to visualize your delivery schedule to plan ahead.



STAY ON TOP OF DELIVERIES: As soon as your shipment arrives, you can mark it as delivered to avoid confusion about where your materials are.

NOTIFY VENDORS OF ORDER ISSUES: If an order is missing items, has the wrong items, or has damaged items, you can notify your vendors quickly to sort out the problem.

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