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SubBase Features


Simplify the entire PO Process

Automatically reconcile invoices in one spot and track digital approvals

Delivery ticket receiving and tracking with the field

Accounting/ERP Integrations

Mobile friendly and 100% web-based

Bring your vendors onboard with one click

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SubBase for Subcontractors

Subcontractors easily can spend hours working through complex workflows to get materials because construction procurement often happens over email, text messages and handwritten notes. The SubBase platform allows subcontractors to continue these relationships and interactions while throwing out spreadsheets for a more organized system. SubBase makes it easy for any business to request multiple quotes, place orders, track pricing and stay on top of deliveries in one simple format. It’s quick and easy to use.

SubBase for Vendors

SubBase is easy for vendors to use with their customers. As a vendor, there are no registration, passwords or email confirmations required to access the SubBase platform and communicate with customers. If a vendor has an email address associated with the subcontractor using SubBase, that person will have access to a standardized portal that will have information presented in a neat, organized and simple way. No matter the size, complexity or trade discipline, all vendors efficiently receive RFQs, orders and real-time updates the same way every time.

Trusted Trades + Vendors

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