Frequently Asked Questions

Does my vendor need to be on SubBase already for me to interact with them?

Not at all! SubBase will bring your vendors inside the platform for you with one click of a button. It is no charge for vendors to come inside SubBase and all it takes is an email. We do offer enhanced tools for vendors on our vendor portal which we would love to share more about.

How much does SubBase cost?

We have three basic tiers of pricing including a basic (FREE) tier to get you started. We don’t charge per user or per project, one flat monthly fee and that’s it. Your vendors come in for FREE! We do provide premium tools on the vendor side as well. Contact us to find out more!

Does SubBase work in the field with my teams?

Of course! SubBase is 100% web-based and has both a mobile and iPad friendly versions to keep those field teams happy and material request streamlined.

Does SubBase provide for vendors or is it only for GCs and subcontractors?

SubBase provides a lot for vendors and if you are a vendor looking to streamline the workflow of processing quotes, orders and delivery from your existing clients we would love to show you what we can provide!

How do I get started?

Creating an accounting takes 20 seconds, from there our SubBase team will immediately be in contact to properly implement the platform very quickly (remote or on-site). You can register directly on our website or contact us here for help.

How is SubBase better than other material management platforms?

SubBase is the only true material management platform that is deeply focused on supplying both subcontractors and vendors the proper tools to manage the entire procurement process. Onboarding is extremely simple and takes less than 1-hour to get your entire company onboard and vendors up and running! And did we mention, we are construction focused minds that have been there before so we get the struggles of implementing new software into the workflow.

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